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  • Assault
    Assault is one of the most commonly charged and prosecuted offences in Ontario. It is an...
  • Bail
    Experienced Bail Lawyers If you are charged with a criminal offence Mirza Kwok Criminal Defence Lawyers...
  • Professional Disciplinary Hearings
    Professional Disciplinary Hearings
    We also offer legal assistance and defence pertaining to regulatory and disciplinary body investigations and tribunal...
  • Tax Evasion
    Tax Evasion
    If you are facing charges or financial penalties in relation to failure to file taxes, unreported...
  • Dangerous Driving
    Dangerous Driving
    The offence of dangerous driving pertains to acts of driving that are a marked departure from...
  • Drinking and Driving
    Drinking and Driving
    Mirza Kwok, Defence Lawyers are drinking and driving lawyers that can assist you in defending all...
  • Internet / Computer Crimes
    Internet / Computer Crimes
    Internet / computer related criminal offences include possession and accessing child pornography and child luring by...
  • Guns
    Firearms are very serious criminal charges. Offences falling in this category include possession of a firearm;...
  • Murder
    If you are reviewing this section and have been charged with murder or know someone who...
  • Break & Enter
    Break & Enter
    The offence of break and entering with intent to commit an offence captures 2 different scenarios:...
  • Drugs
    Mirza Kwok, Defence Lawyers have a proven and powerful track record as drug lawyers in defending...
  • Fraud
    Fraud, Thefts, and Crimes of Dishonesty
    Offences in this category include, but are not limited to, fraud under / over $5,000.00; theft...

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In cases were there has been an error of law, we offer appeals from bail detention orders; conviction; and sentencing at all appellate courts, including: Bail Review Courts; Summary Conviction Appeals; Ontario Court of Appeal; and the Supreme Court of Canada.

 Legal Advice

We offer in depth legal analysis of your current or prospective legal matters.

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Organized Crime

These offences include participation in activities of criminal organization and commission of offence for criminal organization. These offences are often coupled with other criminal offences and will attract a jail sentence.

Sexual Offences

These offences include sexual assault; sexual interference; sexual exploitation; and invitation to sexual touching. All of these offences will attract a jail sentence. Furthermore, a conviction for these offences will result: (i) in a DNA order against an accused which would require the offender to provide a sample of their blood that will be stored in a databank along with other offenders and (ii) a mandatory reporting requirement to the Sexual Offender Information Registration Act.

Careless Driving

Although this offence is not an offence under the Criminal Code, it is a serious motor vehicle violation that can result in a license suspension or restrictions on your ability to drive; increased insurance premiums; and the imposition of demerit points into your driving record.

Similar to a conviction in dangerous driving, a party, who is seeking compensation against you in a civil court may use this conviction against you to bolster their claim in a subsequent civil proceeding.